Scientists have proven over and over again that helping someone else produces a chemical reaction in our brains that, in turn, helps us in profound ways. In fact, volunteering has proven to lower blood pressure, ward off loneliness and depression, increase self-esteem, and even lengthen life expectancy. There’s even a phrase to describe it that we absolutely love… it is called “Giver’s Glow.” Now how cool is that? And, obviously, somebody who is glowing is certainly filled with joy, so, this week, we want you to BE OF SERVICE. Okay, we can see the comments on social media flying already… “Well isn’t this a very selfish thing to say?” “I thought giving was about helping other people, not yourself.” To this we say, if BEING OF SERVICE is considered a “selfish” thing, then we hope to create the most selfish world in the universe. Think about it… what if we had a world filled with over 7 billion people who were all being “selfish” because they were serving someone else? We think we should give it a shot. Will you join in? Being of service matters.

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