Ask a barista at Starbucks what their least favorite part of their job is and, for the most part, they will tell you the same thing. No, it’s not waking up at 4:30 to open. It’s not taking out the garbage or restocking supplies either. It’s the stare of impatient customers who order and then lean against the counter watching every single move the barista makes until they have their precious order in hand. It’s as if staring hard enough will help the barista work faster. But when has someone staring at you ever made you feel comfortable or more effective? Probably never. So, this week, let’s try something different and let’s BE PATIENT. Tensions, fears, and uneasiness are running high right now. We are working from home, schooling at home, applying for loans or unemployment, and worried about our health… just to name a few. We are all feeling it and truly no one is immune to this. So, more than ever, let’s be as patient as we can. Let’s respect those who are still serving us. Let’s respect one another’s space and emotions. And, if we happen to get impatient with someone, let’s own it right away and apologize for it. We will get through this together, if we are patient about it. Being patient matters.

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