We live in a culture of “instant” everything. We put a bag of corn kernels in the microwave and in less than 2 minutes we have a giant bowl of hot buttered popcorn. We use our smartphones and devices to order something on the Internet and it’s at our door within 24 hours. We make instant coffee and drink bottled fruit smoothies. For a lot of us, if something doesn’t happen instantly or fast enough, we give up or think it’s not worth it. We want things to happen quickly or think we need it now. Well, let’s slow our roll for a minute. This week, we want you to BE PATIENT. And, if you are someone who has found yourself getting mad at Siri or Alexa for not answering your question quickly enough or for making you ask twice, then this week is just for you. Our instant culture has worn away our patience. It has put us on edge. Don’t you feel it? Stop for a minute, right now, and just take in three slow deep breaths. How did that feel? Being patient helps us release the tight squeeze we tend to have on everything in our life. It allows us to give up some control and to trust in something bigger, and whether we embrace this or not, that is a good thing for us. Remember that all great things take time. Things that matter don’t happen overnight. So take a beat or two. Being patient matters.

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