Picky eaters get a bad wrap. Well, maybe we should clarify here. See, no one loves “that” person who literally has to change every single ingredient while ordering something at a restaurant. And, food sensitivities have their place, but it might be fair to say that those sensitivities have been going a little overboard lately. But that’s a topic for a different time. In this case, when we use the word “picky,” we are talking about something a little more general. We’re talking about the choices we make every day when it comes to the food we eat. So, this week, we actually want you to BE PICKY, in a good way. Food is really not that complicated. For the most part, with every meal or snack, we have two choices – “healthy” or “unhealthy.” That’s it. It’s not rocket science. And, with the Internet and the piles of information out in the world on the topic of food, pleading the 5th doesn’t really give us an out. We all know better. Now, we just need to make better choices. So, it’s your call… will it be chips or carrots? A salad or a meatball sandwich? Your pick, and we hope you pick the healthy option. Being picky matters.

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