The core of connecting with others is deceptively simple: It’s all about being present. Yes, we know that last week was all about social media, so this might seem a little to the contrary, but ultimately true and lasting connection happens face-to-face and eye-to-eye. When we live in the present moment, we can attend to others and ourselves more effectively. We can recognize when we’re having a hard time, or someone else is too. We can celebrate with others, share emotions and feelings, and flat out have more fun. But being present isn’t always easy. It asks us to put down our phones, to focus on the moment and person in front of us, and to say yes to being right here, right now, moment after moment. This week, we’re challenging you to do just that, and BE PRESENT. We’re asking you to say yes to the sometimes-difficult task of putting aside our worrying, stress, and busy lives to just… be. To be with ourselves, to be with others, to be with whatever is there. Because when we can be, we can actually truly connect with others. And when we can actually connect with others, our relationships thrive. It’s that simple. This week, accept the challenge and do what it takes to be present. Enjoy every second of it. Being present matters.

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