Sometimes, we get caught up in the excitement and anticipation of setting new goals in our life, especially with the new year. We’ve been told to “Shoot for the stars!” or “Follow your dreams!” We love these sentiments. After all, who wouldn’t want all of their dreams to come true? That said, we also love the idea of being clear-headed and realistic about the dreams we pursue. So this week, we want you to BE REALISTIC. Let’s be really careful here, however, because this is not one of those lower-your-expectations-and-you-will-never-be-disappointed approaches to people or life sort of things. Note: we are not the biggest fans of that philosophy. Rather, we simply want you to be mindful of your pursuits. For example, if your dream is or was to be a professional athlete, you should enter that journey knowing the odds are far greater that your dream won’t come true and what it will take to be the best of the best. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go after it. That’s the key. Be informed, create a plan, put in the effort, and do your best. And, while you are at it, also set some goals that are more easily attained and create a plan for those. This is how we can all progress, achieve, and grow in a realistic manner that benefits everyone. Never settle, but being realistic matters.

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