Looking to build a tree house? Needing to change the oil in your car? Wondering where the nearest arts and crafts depot is? Or, just wanting to work on your bird calling skills? Well, it is all at your fingertips… and that is pretty dang cool. Sure, we have our gripes about the fact that our culture has become too “screen-dependent” and it has hampered our ability to just be present with one another; but, we also love what technology has brought us. Because of things like computers, smart phones, apps, and the Internet, all of us can instantly become “experts” at something… or many things. We just have to look for it, learn about it, and give it a spin. So, this week, we want you to BE RESOURCEFUL. And, we are totally serious. What is something that you usually take to someone else to have done or call somebody in for help? Maybe it’s to build yourself a new website? Redo your bathroom? Or finally install that automatic drip system. Well, this week, the only person you have to call for help is yourself. You are the one who will make it happen. It is DIY time. So, start researching, make a plan, get your proper supplies, and get to work. You have access to everything you need. Being resourceful matters.

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