We have all heard these three words before, “Please, be safe!” For that matter, we’ve probably used the same phrase with people we love as well. And what comes to mind might be some good ol’e warnings: “Don’t run on the wet pool deck.” Or, “One person at a time going down the slide.” And, chances are, those words went in one ear and out the other, as you carried on like you had never been warned. Well, not this week. Hear us out. This week, we want to you to please BE SAFE. See, with new times come new dangers. Like, “Don’t text and drive.” So few listened to this advice, that now there are laws making it illegal, since 1 in 4 car accidents stem from doing just that. We might know all this, but, clearly, we are all still texting and driving. But here is something you probably didn’t know… thousands of people are injured or killed each year by being distracted by their cell phones while walking or while trying to take a “Selfie.” Yes, that’s “Thousands.” Walking in front of cars, falling off tall structures, even being trampled by a rhino. We can’t make this stuff up. The question is whether or not you will listen. Please be safe and look up. And while you’re at it… please don’t run with scissors. You matter. Being safe matters.

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