While we’re often challenged to “Be the change you want to see in the world,” we’re not often tasked with “Being the joy you want to see in the world.” But being and bringing joy is just as important. In case you haven’t looked up the definition of “joy” lately, it is “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” Synonyms for “joy” include words like, “delight,” “jubilation,” “bliss,” and “glee.” It feels good just to read these emotive and uplifting words. Well, as we move into this busy and sometimes challenging time of year, we’re asking you to BE THE JOY, and bring it to everyone, everything, and everywhere you go. Don’t give into the frustration of long lines at the store, long days of travel, unmet expectations, and old family patterns that haven’t changed as quickly as you’d like. Instead, marvel in the joy that exists when you’re with the people you love. Step out of the chaos and be mindful of the good that surrounds you. Remember that you are in control of the joy you feel, and take steps to truly feel it… starting now. When you be the joy and bring the joy, others around you will start to do the same. So be the first around you to fill your season with joy, then simply smile and watch how it ripples out all around you. Being the joy matters.

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