We try to do the right thing. We try to be kind. We try to be honest. We try to be good… and do good. We try to be honorable. But when the moment presents itself, how do we respond? When we see litter on the ground, do we pick it up and throw it away or do we walk right by it? When we see someone struggling to reach for something, do we offer to help or think someone else will step in to help? When we hear someone talking negatively about someone else, do we quietly listen or do we try to stop the gossip? Whether it is an opportunity to be kind or of service or to stop an injustice, what is our natural reaction? Well, this week, and every week from today forward, we hope you choose to BE UPSTANDING. Being upstanding isn’t always simple. Making the right choice and taking responsibility can be incredibly challenging. Sometimes it requires us to go against popular belief or the majority’s opinion. Sometimes, being upstanding means being brave enough to step in to protect and defend someone or something that doesn’t have a voice. Our heart might say one thing, but our brain says something else. Being upstanding takes empathy, strength, and courage. But if we truly value what is right and what it means to be human, we will put aside our fear and ambivalence to stand up. Being upstanding, matters.

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