Being ourselves is one of the bravest acts of all. It’s ingrained in us to not accept who we are, to criticize ourselves, to believe that we aren’t as good, as strong, and as wonderful as we really are. We are so good at this that we even have a difficult time celebrating the things we do well or accepting someone’s genuine compliment. But spending a life picking on ourselves and not embracing our unique awesomeness is not how we are meant to live. It’s time to stop believing the negative thoughts and broken records that play in our heads. It’s time to be brave enough to trust ourselves and to know that we are enough. This week, we want you to BE YOU, and accept yourself just as you are. When we are wholly ourselves, we can accept that we don’t need to work so hard to be perfect, and that we’re already perfect in our imperfections. When we are totally ourselves, we commit to loving ourselves just as we are. And, when we find a way to be ourselves on all levels, we can see ourselves clearly, including the ways we can grow, change, and love others and the world even better. This week, don’t try to be the version of yourself you think you should be, feel pressured to be, or wish you were—just get to know yourself. Say yes to being you, because you matter.

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