Sure it is Valentine’s Day this week, and we are all about spreading the love, but we decided to add a slight twist to it. You see… this month is all about GETTING GOING. Showing up. Taking action. Being a star. But stepping up our game, taking risks, and raising the bar can be a bit scary. It takes courage and a strong sense of belief in our abilities. We don’t need fear or doubt; we need conviction, faith, desire, and fans. Yes, we said fans. So, this week, we want you to BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN. Go ahead… grab one of those big foam Number 1 fingers, look in the mirror, and let yourself know how awesome you are. Because you are. Everything we create in life starts with believing that we can. So, cheer yourself on. Get yourself pumped. Be confident. And, once you’re riding high on yourself, well, just watch how people jump on board. Next thing you know, you will be selling out stadiums and accomplishing your wildest dreams. Believing in yourself matters… so fan up.

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