Most of us are familiar with the popular quote “Life (or success) is a journey, not a destination.” Yes, live and enjoy every moment and be as present as you can in each experience. We get it, and we like it. However, you can’t start an intentional journey unless you know your destination. Since this month is all about intention, this week, we want you to BEGIN WITH THE END. We can have several “ends” in our life. We can envision how we want our day to go… “Today is going to be a great day.” We can envision how we want our career to go… “I would like to get promoted to director level within the next two years.” We can make personal health goals… “I will run a marathon before my fiftieth birthday.” But we can’t begin the journey without first knowing the end. And as we journey towards our goals, being crystal clear of where we want to end up will be paramount in navigating the challenges we encounter along our way. When we begin with the end, we are also able to better identify the resources and support we need to get there, as well as manage our expectations along the way. So what “ends” do you have for your day, week, year, or life? And, how will you begin your intentional journey towards them? Beginning with the end matters.

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