THIS WEEK: Believe in Others

We are powerful beings in many ways. Our words, our actions, our thoughts affect not only our own lives, but also the lives of those around us. Sure, we believe this at Every Monday Matters, but we are not so convinced that everyone embraces just how powerful they are and how much power they have to inspire others. With just a single word or an endearing gesture, we can change someone’s day in an instant. And, when enough of us “get” this and constantly put our powers into action, we can literally changes lives. It’s not complicated. It is simply a choice… Do I lift someone up or put someone down? Do I listen closely or only half-listen? Do I express and show my true support or disempower? Well, this week, we are asking you to BELIEVE IN OTHERS. Our guess is that somewhere along the way there was someone that believed in you. Because of that person, you were able to soar to new heights, conquer a fear, or become a better version of yourself. Well, just as they did for you, you get to do for others. If you do it already, then do it some more. Or, if this is something new for you, now’s the time to step up and watch people take off. Believing in others matters.

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