Our minds are powerful. Our thoughts are everything. We have experienced it ourselves and have seen it played out over and over again. Just think about some of the greatest stories you’ve read, heard, or watched and really consider why you felt so strongly about them and what they had in common. Our guess is that they all centered about one common thing… it’s called belief. So, this week, we want you to BELIEVE. How is that we landed on the moon? How is that we have timeless characters like Rocky or Luke Skywalker or Katniss Everdeen? How is it that someone missing their leg can run a marathon? Or that someone stranded on a deserted island survives? It’s simple… kind of. Against all odds, these people or characters believed they could do it. They believed they could overcome and achieve the unthinkable. Well, what are your first thoughts when things go a little sideways? How strong is your hope and faith? How much conviction do you have in believing you can do it? That you have the resiliency to make it to the other side? Nothing is impossible with belief, yet everything is impossible without it. First we need to believe it, then we can live it. So, get ready… believing matters.

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