Change is difficult. In fact, change is one of those things most of us hate more than anything. Change can be a bit scary, because it asks us to step into the unknown. It can be a bit annoying, because it takes work. And, it’s a bit risky, because it forces us to wrestle with the possibility of failing. But maybe it’s time to change the way we feel about change, because whether we want to hear it or not, each one of us has a habit or two that may be holding us back from living a completely healthy and happy life. So, this week, we want you to BREAK A HABIT. Before we continue, let’s first acknowledge that not all habits are created equal. In fact, some habits are downright good ones. To those we say, “Carry on.” What we’re talking about here are the ones that aren’t good for us and our health. Things like smoking, drinking, over-eating, not wearing sunscreen, working too many hours, not sleeping enough, biting your finger nails, playing too many video games, stressing over everything, isolating yourself, not taking time to decompress, etc. You know… “those” habits. Those are the ones we are targeting. So get ready… this is a big, but good week. You owe it to yourself. Breaking bad habits matters.

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