Let us get something clear up front… this week is not about breaking the law or doing something inappropriate or unwise. Hopefully that’s not too much of letdown for you. No, this week is about you and your own rules that you have knowingly or unknowingly created for yourself or let others create for you. These sorts of “rules” sometimes are the very rules that might be holding us back since we use them to keep ourselves safe and comfortable and conforming. Well, sorry to break it to you, but this week it’s time to BREAK THE RULES. Sure, “rules” have some benefit to them, after all, there is nothing wrong with them, as long as they are healthy; but it is also possible that some of our “rules” are keeping us from experiencing joy, excitement, and dare we say, happiness. Maybe you always tip your server 15%. Well, tip someone 50% this week and see how much happiness you create for them and feel inside. Maybe you normally do yoga. Well, try a hot yoga class this week and enjoy the even greater endorphin release that happens. You know your rules. We just want you think about the additional happiness you can create on the other side of them. It’s going to be weird… but we promise, breaking the rules matters.

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