It is really easy to take things for granted in life. We do it with friendships. We do it with our health. And, yes, we do it with the environment. Think about it for a second… how much time do you spend thinking about the air? You know, that “stuff” that fills your lungs 960 times per hour, 23,040 times per day, and 8,386,560 times per year… and that’s just while at rest. Most likely, you haven’t even thought about it 16 times in your life… our average breath rate per minute. Well, that’s about to change, because this week, we want you to BREATHE IT IN. If there was ever a “we” thing in the world, it is certainly the air we share. Air is not divided or cut up into unique pieces. “Our” air is the same air as “their” air. So, this week, let’s take a deep breath together, and explore what we can do to make “our” air cleaner and breathable for centuries to come. Let’s shrink our footprints. Let’s re-discover the importance of plants, public transportation, and living green technology. And most importantly, let’s make choices every day that “spare the air” for the sake of all living things on this planet. Because it’s hard to deny that breathing matters, which means that our air matters too.

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