Sometimes, we need to slow down to speed up. Let’s repeat it, slower this time: Sometimes, we need to slow down to speed up. In our busy world, we can be immersed in several projects, thoughts, or tasks all at the same time. Sometimes, those thoughts, tasks and projects swirl and intertwine. Sometimes, our foot is constantly on the gas pedal, as we relentlessly fly through our days and, before we know it, it’s April. There’s even a new hipster word for this phenomenon, it’s called “Nexting.” What’s next on your mind? What’s next on your to-do list? What’s next for…? You get the idea. Well, this week, we want to slow it down a bit in order to harness our energy again. We want you to BREATHE IT IN. Having 25 tabs open on your computer or a ton of apps open on your phone has battery and mind drain written all over it. Our system is not designed to manage so much pressure and so many inputs. It’s as if every moment leaves us in fight or flight mode and we are redlining 24/7. The human body is a pretty spectacular machine that provides us two options—either it lets us choose to step away, take a deep breath, and create better margin in our life; or it does it for us, typically in the form of a physical or mental health challenge. May this be a reminder for all of us to be proactive and make the choice to breathe. Breathing it in brings awareness of ourselves, our world, and what matters most. Take a moment right this second to breathe it in. Breathing it in matters.

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