There is something we do 20,000 a day and don’t even think about. Which is pretty amazing, if you actually think about it. It happens while we are at work or school. It happens while we are relaxing at home or running on the treadmill. It even happens while we sleep. And, we still never think about it. But, wouldn’t it make sense that we start paying a little more attention to this thing that we do 20,000 per day and can’t live without? We think it does, so this week, we want you to BREATHE IT IN. Yes, this is a double entendre. First of all, breathing is obviously a good thing for us to do… even some deep intentional breaths… so, yes, breathe it in. But, we also think we need to really breathe in the fact that we, each one of us, play a big role in determining the quality of air that we breathe in every day. And, this is the meaning we want to focus on this week. It’s time for each one of us to take a little more ownership of our air, because we all contribute to its quality. Air doesn’t have geographical limits. It’s not only used by some people. Air is air. It’s everywhere. We all need it. And, we should all do what we can to keep it as healthy as possible. Breathing matters.

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