When it comes to bandwidth, we typically think of the Internet. With our need for speed, we consistently search for or are marketed to the best way to boost our upload and download speeds. But there is another way to consider the concept of bandwidth and that has to do with our relationships. More specifically, it has to do with our capacity to connect and build relationships with other people. This week, we want you to BROADEN YOUR BANDWIDTH. Broadening your relational bandwidth can be taken a few different ways. Does it mean to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with fewer people? Does it mean to try to meet and connect with as many people as possible? Or does it mean to meet new people who might be a little different from you? Only you know what approach works for you. Maybe you need a little more “inch wide and a mile deep.” Or maybe you need more “mile wide and an inch deep.” We believe it is probably somewhere in the middle for most of us. Yes, put more energy into and allocate more of your capacity for the people nearest and dearest to your heart. But save some of your bandwidth to broaden your horizons and connect with a new diverse group of people as well. The key to all of it is making it an intention. Let’s do this. Broadening your bandwidth matters.

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