Imagine a world without bridges. What would it be like to get from one place to another? How would things be transported? How would we connect with other people and communities? Bridges permit us to cross great chasms. They connect buildings and walkways, and they carry us over rivers and wide bodies of water. Yet, bridges are more than just physical structures, for they also help us find common ground and shrink the divide. So, this week, we believe it’s as good a time as ever to BUILD A BRIDGE. When we build a bridge of compassion, we are choosing to meet someone where they are. When we cross that bridge, we bring an interest to understand, a heart filled with care, and hands ready to support. Building a bridge is how we start a friendship. It’s how we gain knowledge and learn about different perspectives. But building a bridge isn’t always easy—in fact, they are often great engineering and relational feats. They also take work and intention to maintain. But connection and compassion are worth it. We have to be willing to step outside of our isolated comfort zones to actively and healthily relate to one another. Let’s work to understand more and judge less. Let’s create sturdy structures that connect people, ideas, and experiences. Let’s make this planet we call home a more compassionate one. Building a bridge matters.

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