This whole month has been focused on understanding others, ultimately because we believe that relationships are the foundation of a good life. Being curious, being empathetic, and taking care of our relationships all lead up to one thing—BUILDING BRIDGES with others. Bridges are beautiful things. They take us from one side of a situation to another. They’re places where people can meet halfway, both literally and figuratively. They’re essential for relationships to exist and thrive. This week, we’re asking you to be courageous and find ways to build bridges in your life. Find ways to connect with others that mean the world to you, and to others you don’t know so well. Invest in building bridges in your life instead of building walls around yourself, your community, and what you think is right. Extend a hand to those who need help, to those who might have wronged you, and to those you can build a good relationship with. This week, bring understanding, respect, and care to the relationships in your life, and commit to building bridges to reach others. We will all benefit greatly from a world with more bridges and fewer walls. Building bridges matters.

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