Painting by numbers is still painting. Building a bookcase by following the assembly instructions is still building a bookcase. Creating a raised vegetable garden by watching a YouTube video is still creating a raised vegetable garden. On the flip side, painting without the numbers and building something without instructions is also still creating something. So when was the last time you rolled up your sleeves and created something? Well, this week, it’s time to BUILD SOMETHING. If we just stumped you and you are questioning what you might possibly build, we think this is the perfect place to be. The next step in the process might be to consider something you have always wanted to build but never have. Maybe it is a birdhouse to put in the yard or a picture frame for a photo you have always wanted to frame. Or possibly it is something a little less practical and just something new you wanted to try, like painting, sketching, or creating a tile mosaic. We don’t want to put too many parameters on this process, but we do want to encourage you to figure out what it is you want you build…and, of course, go build it. Our second ask is to have fun and build without any judgment of the end result. Just go create and celebrate the fact that you did it. Building something matters.

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