Our hands are pretty incredible things. Yes, we know this is something you might not think about, but let’s take a moment now. Each of your hands has 27 bones in it. That means you most likely have 54 hand bones. That is pretty remarkable. Especially considering that your leg only has 3 bones… and that’s if you are adding both your upper- and lower-leg. Then, how is it possible that these 27 bones are somehow connected and somehow work together to do amazing activities. Yet, for many of us, we have relegated our hands to something very limiting. It’s called typing and texting… LOL, OMG, FJFJFJ. Well, it’s time to honor our hands, because they want to do oh so much more than that. This week, we want you to BUILD SOMETHING. Look around your house and find something that someone else built. Maybe it is a bench, a picture frame, or a table. Deconstruct it in your mind. Take a close look at the pieces and how they were put together. Then say to yourself, “I can make this.” Seriously, say it out loud. Then go for it. However, might we offer a few tips: start small, be safe, protect your hands, and don’t be a perfectionist about it. We all start somewhere. Building something matters.

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