This is the final Monday and final few days of 2020. How does that feel? If you were to describe the year 2020 in one word, what would that word be? Or if you were to write a book about 2020, what would the title be? And, as you reflect, what comes up for you? Is it mostly negative, a lot of negative and some positive, mostly positive? Well, we believe that somewhere in all of it, there is at least one thing that has happened for you in 2020 that deserves some praise. So, this week, let’s joyfully CELEBRATE A MILESTONE. Yes, we are wrapping up this year with a silver-lining attitude. Because we believe that there is always something good in even the worst of the bad. The challenge for us is to recognize it. To see and appreciate it. Even to celebrate it. So what is that thing for you? Maybe you have started a new hobby that you absolutely love and plan on continuing into the New Year? Maybe you learned a new technical, language, or professional skill that will help you in your career for the foreseeable future? Or maybe you have gained new appreciation for your loved ones and friends, either by the increased amount of time you have spent with them or the absence of them in your life. These are all life milestones… and they matter. So let’s embrace them. Celebrating milestones matters.

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