Change is inevitable. That doesn’t mean we necessarily like it, however it does suggest that we should, because it isn’t going anywhere. But why don’t we like change? Is it because we are creatures of habit? Is it because it conjures feelings of loss? Or is it because it might challenge us to rethink old beliefs and opinions, which up to that point, felt pretty ironclad? Well, we know that this month is all about acceptance, but we want to go beyond that… it’s time for all of us to CELEBRATE CHANGE. The year 2020 will forever be known as “The Year of the Pivot.” We jest, but how many times have you heard that word in the past six months? Some of the change has felt terrible—lives lost in the pandemic, schools and businesses closed, and our daily routines significantly altered. However some of the change has felt optimistic—a growing movement for racial justice, more time with loved ones, and a slower pace of life. But where do we go from here? What changes do we all wish to see in the world? What changes are we willing to make in the spirit of creating a better world for everyone? What morals and values are we going to honor and celebrate like never before? This is why change is exciting. It allows us to do and be better. Celebrating change matters.

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