Culture is an amazing phenomenon. It is a way of life that a group of people creates and embraces as their beliefs, values, symbols, norms, and behaviors. It is expressed through music, food, clothing, relationships, spirituality, and more. But, if we are not careful, we can view different cultures in a way that further divides us. So, this week, we want you to CELEBRATE CULTURE from a different perspective. There are no longer several cultures; there is just one culture. Call it the World’s Culture. But, the cool part about the World’s Culture is that it is about as colorful, open-ended, and all-inclusive as we can ever imagine. In most parts of the world, we can have a burrito for lunch and sushi for dinner. We can listen to Tibetan Monks, U2, and Taylor Swift in the same hour. And, we can even celebrate New Year’s several times throughout the year, if we were feeling extra festive. The truth is that culture is created only to be embraced… by everyone. For every culture is our culture, and that’s why we should celebrate it. Celebrating culture matters.

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