When we think about the absolute best times in our lives, we were most likely surrounded in joyful love. Maybe it was a birthday party, a wedding, a big achievement in something that meant a lot to us, or it was just spending meaningful time with great friends or family members. The interesting part is that when we think about the worst times in our lives, there is a good chance that we were also surrounded by love. Although potentially a little less joyful, this kind of love might have been supportive and filled with hope. Maybe we lost a loved one or a pet. Maybe we had our heart broken. Maybe we didn’t perform as well as we wanted to. Moments like these allowed for someone else to step into our lives and love on us. And, ultimately, if we didn’t love in the first place, none of these experiences would have hurt. We hope you are catching on here, because love is everywhere and it impacts our lives every single day. So, let’s CELEBRATE LOVE. Let’s notice in more readily. Let’s cheer for it. Let’s create more of it. Let’s be thankful and grateful for it. For it is love that brings so much joy and light to our lives and to the world. Celebrating love matters.


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