When we think about bravery and service, it’s easy to think about the men and women who serve in our military, our first responders, and those who move towards harm instead of away from it in order to save others. We marvel, because these individuals truly do it in the name of service. After all, they most likely don’t even know the people they are helping or serving. They are committed to us, and we are forever grateful. But what about us? How can we be of service? And, equally important, are we brave enough to go for it? This week, let’s honor those who serve by learning from their example. It’s time for all of us to CELEBRATE SERVICE. Being of service can be challenging because it requires us to face things that we don’t want to face. We might see people who don’t have a roof over their head or enough food to eat. We might visit animal shelters that are overflowing with pets that need forever homes. And we might get a better understanding of how badly our waterways are polluted. None of these are pleasant to see and it’s much easier for us to turn a blind eye and go about our normal routines. But that’s not being brave or of service. That’s not what the people we call “Heroes” do. Let’s celebrate service by being brave enough to serve. Celebrating service matters.

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