2016 is over. Done. Gone. It’s on to a new year – 2017 – and we know what that means… new goals, new resolutions, and the new “us.” However, to this, we say, “Not so fast.” We want to float out the idea that it’s important to spend a few minutes reflecting on the year we just had before moving on. Are you in? A lot happens in a year… super-highs to super-lows and everything in between. It’s all a part of this thing called, “life.” And, the truth is, it all matters and it all deserves to be celebrated. So this week, we want you to CELEBRATE WHAT MATTERS MOST. What were some of your 2016 highlights? Why were they so positive and what did they mean to you, then and now? Now dig a little deeper and reflect on the tough times you experienced in 2016. What were they? How did they change you? How are you stronger or still growing because of them? Even though some of these events might not make it on your 2016 happy-highlights’ reel, we can’t just ignore that they happened. So, are you ready to really take the time you need to really reconnect with 2016? Own it. Celebrate your year and what matters most. Because it does matter.

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