Did you know that today is a very special day? To begin with, it’s National Pancake Day. It’s also National Shamu the Whale Day, National Johnny Appleseed Day, National Dumpling Day, and National Situational Awareness Day. Can you believe one day could pack such a big punch? Well, if this wasn’t enough, we thought we would offer another thing to celebrate today. Sure, we are all about pancakes and dumplings, but we are really more about people. So, today and all this week, we want you to CELEBRATE YOU MATTER DAY. How do you do this, you may ask… well we are here to help. First of all, right this very second, we want you to say the words, “I Matter.” No, like say it out loud and really mean it. “I Matter.” Then find a mirror and look yourself in the eye and say, “You Matter.” And, as you go through your day, look someone else in the eye and say it to them. How many people do you think you can say, “You Matter” to today? And, more importantly, how do you think it will make them feel? How will it make you feel? We have a hunch that it’s going to be pretty awesome. May this day be all about celebrating yourself and everyone around you… because we all matter. No further reason needed. Celebrating You Matter Day matters.

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