We love holidays. We actually love them so much that we have created one for just about everything. And, even though the majority of them don’t specifically celebrate each of us, we still celebrate them. Even people who aren’t Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Even though most of us are not Military Veterans or the President of the United States, we celebrate these days as well. But why not have a national holiday that everyone can celebrate because it honors everyone? And we mean, EVERYONE. Well, we think it’s time. So today, Monday, September 28th, is now officially “National You Matter Day.” That’s right, it’s time for all of us to celebrate one another and ourselves. We matter. You matter. They matter. We all have the ability to create the most amazing world, filled with love, joy, peace, generosity, service, compassion, and more. All it takes is a commitment by every single one of us to embrace how powerful we are and how much we matter. It’s that simple. So, today is the day. Celebrating how much you matter matters.

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