There are a lot of great causes we get to support and champion. We have people in our life we get to cheerlead for and be their biggest fan. Throw in professional and college sports, a likeable character in a great story, or an organization tackling social injustice or climate change, and we have plenty of options. There is one thing, however, most of us don’t champion or look forward to on a regular basis. Actually, not only are we neutral about it, we are typically against it. This week, we want to flip the script on it, so let’s CHAMPION CHANGE. Change is inevitable. But why don’t we like change? Is it because we are creatures of habit and routine? Is it because change often brings with it the sense that something has ended and things will never be the same again? In other words, there is loss. Or is it because it might challenge us to rethink old beliefs and opinions that up to this point felt ironclad? Regardless, since it is inevitable doesn’t it make more sense for us to shift our paradigm and become bigger fans of it? It’s a lot more fun to champion something and to put positive energy towards it than it is to dislike, want to avoid, or be against it. Yes, change is coming. It always does. Let’s welcome it. Better yet, let’s lead it. Being a champion of change matters.

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