How do you get to work everyday? Where do you shop for groceries, clothes, or your dry cleaners? What are your favorite restaurants? Where do you exercise? How do you spend your weekends? We suspect these were pretty easy questions to answer. Why? Because we are creatures of habit and we thrive with routines. There is nothing wrong with this, but it doesn’t really align with our big push for curiosity this month. So, in the spirit of being curious, we want you to CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE. We know that this sounds a little scary at first. We created our routines because they work for us. They take the thinking out of things, and we can do them on autopilot, often while doing something else at the same time. But let’s have some fun. Maybe you can turn off the TV a half hour earlier to do some yoga in the evening, because you’re committing to being healthier. Or, maybe you can carpool to work instead of driving, because you have a new priority of lowering your carbon footprint. Whatever it is, by changing up how you live your life, you open yourself up to new ways of thinking, new people, and new discoveries all around. This week, change things up and see what happens. Changing your routine matters.

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