You might be aware there has been a ton of new research on the impact of isolation and the findings are not great. In fact, much of the scientific and medical fields now believe that isolation might be worse for our health than heart disease. What? At EMM, we have always said that humans are meant to be in connection and relationship with one another, but now there is scientific proof to that statement. So, this week, for your health and the health of those around you, we beg you to CHERISH RELATIONSHIPS. We know what you might be thinking right now… This year has made it extremely difficult to cherish relationships. We hear you and we know. No question the pandemic has had a massive impact on our social life, holiday gatherings, and any sort of in-person experiences. But we can’t just let our relationships diminish. If anything we need to lean in and work even harder and more creatively to nurture and nourish them. In other words, just because we can’t meet in a coffee shop for our weekly coffee talk, it doesn’t mean we should stop connecting on a weekly basis. It can’t be all (our usual routines) or nothing. So what are you willing to do to make sure everyone in your life knows how much they matter to you? What will you do today? Again, it might look different, but it will still mean the world. Cherishing relationships matters.

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