When it comes to diet, we mostly talk about what we actually put in our mouths. There are plenty of debates to be had and diets to try: the DASH, the Paleo, Vegan, Flexitarian, TLC, Volumetrics, and many more. Each of these diets has their arguments for why they offer the most benefits and results. We are far from diet experts here, so we’re not going to “go there.” Instead, we are going to focus on what you do with the food once you’ve got it there. This week, we want you to CHEWS WISELY. Now, we don’t think there are many folks out there that would argue with us that chewing our food is important. After all, the opposite of chewing our food and trying to swallow it whole is a clear recipe for disaster. But we also don’t think that everyone truly understands why properly chewing our food is so important… especially in our “eat on the run” culture. So, chew on this for a moment… Did you know that properly chewing our food allows us to absorb more nutrients, strengthen our teeth and jaws, eat less, digest easier, and lose weight? Well, now you do. Not to mention, slowing down allows us to also enjoy our food. So, from this point on, choose and chew your food the right way. We just ask that you keep your mouth closed while doing so. Chewing wisely matters.

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