Part of what makes being present so challenging is the overwhelming amount of information our brains have to process. We are on information overload with constant inputs that require us to deal with, take action, or attend to. This all equates to the fact that each and every day we make thousands of decisions. But seeing life this way quickly places us in a bit of the “victim” role. That we are constantly dodging and weaving the madness that gets hurled our way, only to be exhausted by the end of the day. Well, this week is all about shifting the onus of control and putting that victim mentality to rest. It is time for all of us to CHOOSE WISELY. How do you make decisions? Do you have certain criteria or a clear understanding of how you process your choices? And, have you ever truly embraced how large of an impact the choices you make have on your life and the lives of others? Well, they do. So ask yourself what kind of life you want to live and how you want to show up for other people, then make decisions that align with that vision. If being healthier is part of that vision, then you choosing what to eat just got easier. If being a better friend is part of that vision, then say, “Yes” to the next invite you receive. Our choices create our lives. Choosing wisely matters.

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