The average person gets 58 hours of “free time” each week—time that we aren’t working, going to school, doing chores, eating, or sleeping. Not too bad. However, of the 58 hours, the average person spends 50 of those precious hours looking at a screen for entertainment. Ouch. That’s 50 hours connected to a screen with little to no live, in-person connection. This week, we’re challenging you to put down your devices, and get together with people around you IRL. That’s right, “in real life.” Get ready to CONNECT LIVE. Life is meant to be done together. Humans are social creatures, and we find meaning, purpose, and fun in one another. So come up with something you love doing and do it with someone else. Maybe it is going to a concert or a cultural event, or maybe it is sharing a meal together or taking someone out for coffee to catch up. Or, if time is too short to connect in person this week, then make a phone call instead of sending a text or Instagram message. The opportunities and ideas for connecting in person are endless—it’s just a matter of placing more value on our relationships and the fun that we can have together rather than spending all of our free time distracted on our devices. Let’s create more memories together. Connecting live matters.

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