The COVID-19 pandemic has created a laundry list of things that definitely fall into the category of “This has not been fun at all.” Hopefully that is a general enough bucket to capture everything from the most heartbreaking developments to the simplest, and everything in between. However, we have also grown from this pandemic. For just as there are so many things we can’t or don’t do anymore, there are also many life-giving things that we do now that we never did before COVID. From a place of resiliency and creativity, we have found new ways to thrive and continue to live our lives as best we can. So, this week, we want you to use that same creativity and energy to safely CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY. Your community is filled with small businesses and organizations that have pivoted, then pivoted again and again. Many of them are working longer hours than ever before, completely scrapping their business plans, creating new programs, products, and services, and doing all they can to stay alive and to serve us. But they need our help. It might mean keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask, and modifying our expectations; but isn’t that what being a part of a community asks of us? We are a team. We make sacrifices. We support. We protect. Who knows, you might love going to a makeshift drive-in movie. Try it, safely. Connecting with community matters.

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