For most of us, fears are a normal part of being alive. In some cases, our fears are falsely created in our heads and the acronym “False Evidence Appearing Real” is the perfect way to understand and overcome them. However, in other cases, our fears can be absolutely real and even based on our past experiences. For example, a bite from a poisonous spider will keep you from wanting another one. Or the broken trust of a friend might keep you from being vulnerable in future relationships. The challenge is that we can’t go through life creating a laundry list of fears that shrink our world and keep us from experiencing everything life has to offer. So, this week, it’s time to CONQUER A FEAR. There is a good chance you have a fear you would like to overcome because it feels like it holds you back. Can you relate to this? Maybe a fear of flying keeps you from seeing the world. Maybe a fear of being judged keeps you from speaking your truth or speaking at all. Maybe a fear of failing keeps you from trying new challenges. The next time you feel that desire to hesitate or stop or turn back, take a moment to ask yourself a simple question: what is the worst thing that can happen? If the answer isn’t that bad; then take a second step, and then a third and fourth right towards it. Before you know it, you will have courageously overcome it. Conquering a fear matters.

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