Last month, during our “Monday gets Global” theme, we drove home the message that having differences in the world is a good thing and should be celebrated. We also wanted to connect with the idea that just because we are different, doesn’t mean we are disconnected. So, no more “Them” and “Us” thinking… it’s all “We” stuff now. But there are some situations that readily occur in life that can create that sense of disconnect. How about the first day on the new job? Or the first day at a new school? There is truly nothing worse than that feeling of loneliness and isolation that comes with being the “new kid.” And, chances are we have all felt it… which means we should also be more sensitive and aware of situations where other people might be feeling it. So, this week, it’s time for all of us to CONSIDER THEM. See a new neighbor move onto your street… make it a point to introduce yourself. Have new co-worker or classmate? Don’t let them eat lunch alone. It is truly just a matter of being aware of the people around you and knowing that your consideration will be appreciated… because it will. Considering “them” matters.

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