We have a secret at EMM that we need to confess. That’s right… for years, we have been doing something quietly and with hundreds of thousands of people in the process … including you. Even worse, we didn’t just do it one time, rather, we have done it every single Monday for several years. You might think we are sharing this with you now in order to “come clean” and to clear our conscience, but that’s not really true either. Instead, we’re sharing this with you because we want you to knowingly join us like never before. So, this week, and for the rest of your life for that matter, we want all of us to CONSPIRE FOR GOOD. Who ever said conspiring had to be a bad thing? Not us. We love the idea of millions of people conspiring to make a difference and helping everyone know how much and why they matter. So how can you join in this month? How about a holiday party with a purpose? That’s right, invite your friends and family over for holiday cheer, then surprise them with a give-back experience. We promise that stuffing care kits is far more rewarding that stuffing stockings. Have fun with it. Surprise people and be the best co-conspirators ever. Conspiring for good matters.

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