Memories are created by moments. Some moments in life are things we never want to forget. Some might be experiences we wish never happened and can’t forget soon enough. Either way, whether positive or negative, these moments are what make up our life story, and it’s up to us which of them we recall and even share with other people. But before anything finds a home in our memory, it has to take place in the current moment. In other words, we can change the composition of our story by creating moments right now that bring us great joy. Better yet, we can create these moments with and for other people so that there is a shared moment, which becomes a shared memory. So this week, we want you to CREATE A MEMORY. We all want positive, empowering, happy memories, but that doesn’t mean we are all great at creating the present moments in order to produce them. So, start today. Be a leader and curate something special for your story. Maybe you want to create a memory of adventure and go on a nature hike with your friends. Maybe you want to create a memory of accomplishment and finish a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle in 48 hours with your family. Maybe you want to create a memory of honoring a family tradition. Just know that this is an extremely kind and generous thing to do for yourself and for anyone you ask to join in the fun. Creating memories matters.

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