There is a newish question that people like to ask these days. And, the funny part is that we don’t think we have ever heard someone answer with a “No.” The question is this… “Are you a Foodie?” In other words, are you someone who likes food and/or likes to try different foods and/or likes to cook? Really? Who would ever say, “No” to this? Who doesn’t like food? So, let’s just assume that we are all Foodies, but let’s raise the bar a little bit. Just because you like food, in our opinion, doesn’t make you a Foodie. It makes you “normal.” It’s like saying that you are a musician because you listen to music. But we know you would agree; someone who plays the banjo is a musician. See where this is going? This week, we are all going be Foodies… like for real. So, when someone asks us if we are Foodies, we can say, “Yes” and feel pretty darn good about it. This week, we are going to CREATE A RECIPE. Cooking is an ancient craft. It’s one of the oldest art forms, if you really think about it. We see it, smell it, taste it, share it, and enjoy it. So, what is one of your favorite meals? Are you the one who prepared it? Well, now you are. Get your tastebuds tingling. Chop chop. Your veggies await. Creating recipes matters.

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