It is often said the English language is one of the most difficult to learn. There are several reasons for this, but one of them is that the same word or combination of words can mean different things depending on the context or simply how someone interprets them. Well, this week is one of those examples, as we are asking you to CREATE SPACE. Our hunch is that you read this as needing to get rid of stuff. If so, then great. Do you have too much clutter in your life? Is it time for some spring cleaning in January? It’s healthy to create space for something new in your life, or just for the sake of creating space so you can think and breathe better. So whether you want to bring something new into life or you just need more elbow room, then prune away and create that space. For some of you, on the other hand, the phrase “create space” might have helped you connect with how powerful you are. Yes, we all impact the spaces around us. Maybe you are part of a family, a school space, a work space, and of course, your own personal space. What is the energy of those spaces and what do you bring to them to create goodness and positivity? We each get to choose our words, thoughts, and actions, and take responsibility for how they create the spaces around us. So, this week, you have lots of options for taking action. Have fun. Creating space matters.

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