At Every Monday Matters, we are reminded on a weekly basis that the days, weeks, and months just keep moving along. Every month we offer a new theme, and every Monday new ways for all of us to change our lives and the world. Well, life is no different—it just keeps going—so we have a choice to make. Either we simply let life happen to us, or we create a vision for our life and work to make it a reality. We like the latter, so this week, we want everyone to CREATE THE FUTURE for our planet. What do we want for our planet over the next hundred or thousands of years? How we can ensure that future generations—our children and their children and their children—have a sustainable and healthy world to live in? This isn’t something for just the scientists and innovators to figure out, this is something we all need to actively engage in. So what do you want the future to look like and how will you help to create it? We hope for a world where everyone has access to enough resources, no matter where they live. We hope for a world that is equitable and fair. We hope for a world without waste, where our oceans thrive, and our skies are blue. And, we hope you are ready to join us. We know the future is coming; the question is what do we want to create. Creating the future matters.

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