It is often said that the world is becoming a melting pot. But have you really stopped to process the literal translation of this analogy? Well, let’s take a moment to do just that. Think soup or stew… a bowl of different ingredients all put into the same container that, when cooked together, makes a delicious meal. Pretty simple, right? Not so fast. Because one thing about making soup or stew is that stirring is a must. If we don’t stir, we don’t mix the ingredients properly. If we don’t mix the ingredients properly, then things on the sides and the bottom can burn and the meld doesn’t happen. Ah… interesting. Starting to see where we are going here? This week, we are going to stir it up… and meld a little more. It’s time for all of us to CROSS CULTURES. When is the last time you ate Ethiopian food? Have you ever listened to Paco de Lucia dance on his flamenco guitar? There is so much beauty and variety in the world, but we can’t let it get pushed to the sides or the bottom or we will never get to appreciate so much that our cultures have to offer. So get curious about a culture that you don’t know much about. Then, learn about it, experience it, enjoy it. Stir it up. Crossing cultures matters.

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