At the core of togetherness is the idea of connection. In other words, when we are connected, we are together. Connection is also the basis for every friendship, relationship, and community. But connection doesn’t just happen on its own. Sure we can randomly bump into someone or catch eyes with someone, but at most this isn’t the depth of connection or togetherness we are hoping to inspire. Rather, we want to inspire meaningful connection and this takes effort, courage, patience, kindness, and understanding. So how good are you at being the catalyst for connection? Are you the first person to extend a hand or a hug? Do you make the first call or ask the first question or give the first compliment? Well, this week, that is exactly what we want you to do, because it’s time to CURATE CONNECTION. Curating something places a person in the role of being a guide, an organizer, or someone who creates an experience for others. People curate museums, outdoor adventures, field trips, and more. So go curate connections with people that represent the full spectrum of uniqueness and diversity. Be the bridge and the connector for all of it. Not only will you be better for it, but you will curate opportunities for everyone else to be better as well. Curating connection matters.

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