There is a process we all go through to make sense of things. As we go through life and are surrounded by infinite data points and bits of information, we start to notice certain things and place meaning on them. From that initial meaning, we begin to make assumptions and draw conclusions, which inevitably define our beliefs. And, as we all know, our beliefs guide our actions and our behaviors. It is called, “The Ladder of Inference.” Well, whether you have heard of it or not, we are asking you to DIG DEEPER this week. Have you ever really understood why you believe something or behave in a certain way? Have you ever considered how easy it is to make assumptions and place meaning of things? Might this be the reason certain store owners don’t like it when certain people walk into their store? Might this be why certain people don’t feel safe walking home from school? Might this be where stereotypes are rooted? Might this be where systemic racism finds a foothold? We think so. It’s time for each of us to really consider our own personal belief system and to reflect on our potential biases that possibly support an unjust system. Digging deep matters.

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